Duty to inform

We at NFON AG take data protection very seriously. In order to protect your personal data, which may be collected when you visit our website or which you transfer to us, our procedures are in accordance with the applicable legal data protection provisions.

Machtlfinger Str. 7
81379 München,
is responsible for operating this website

It is the duty of NFON AG to appoint a Data Protection Officer and we have complied with this requirement. You may contact our Data Protection Officer:

Julius Bloch
Machtlfinger Str. 7
81379 München

We process your personal data solely for the purposes of technical provision of this site, for purposes of analysis of user behaviour or to connect to social media. Any other type of processing whatsoever shall be advertised to you prior to processing and we will have to obtain your consent to it.

The processing therefore relies on the following legal principles: Article 6 (1) points (a), (b) and (f) GDPR.

For this purpose we transfer your processed data to the following recipients:

CategoryPurposeTransfer to a third country
digital agencyoperator of the websiteno
supplier of analysis toolsusage analysisyes, USA
advertising agencydevelopment, design and marketingno
CRM ToolMarketingno
social mediaMarketingyes, USA

If your personal data are transferred to recipients other than those specified, you will be notified thereof and we have to obtain your consent. When data are transferred to a third country, in which accordingly, the level of data protection is less stringent, the processing of data pursuant to national laws cannot be ensured.
The principles of data protection are definitive for NFON AG. For this reason the storage periods are determined according to their necessity and are implemented accordingly.
As a data subject, whose personal data are processed, you have at all times the following rights:

  • right to access
  • right to rectification
  • right to erasure
  • right to restriction of data processing
  • right to data portability
  • right to object, in particular in the case of processing pursuant to Article 6 (1) points (a) and (f) GDPR.
  • right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority

If you wish to exercise these rights, please write informally to the contact address provided. If you wish to make use of your right to object, the processing of your data up to the time of your objection remains unaffected.
Further information on the processing of your data is available in the Privacy Statement (link).

Consent – Tracking

With the confirmation you are giving your consent that NFON AG may transfer and process your data for the purposes of analysis by a variety of service providers and by installing cookies. Analysis purposes include both the evaluation of visits to the website, https://www.nfon.com and also the transfer of the data to third party suppliers, such as Xing, Facebook and YouTube, by means of integrating plug-ins. For these purposes the data are transferred to third countries and insofar as this is possible, they are transferred only in anonymised form. When data are transferred to a third country, in which accordingly, the level of data protection is less stringent, the processing of data pursuant to national laws cannot be ensured. You have the right at any time to withdraw this consent; however data processed up until the date of the withdrawal remain unaffected.

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