Call pick up

Call pick-up (CP) is a feature of intelligent telephone networks and telephone systems. With this feature, it is possible to pick up a call that is being signalled on a different telephone on one’s own line. The precondition is that the call receiver is authorised to pick up the call. Call pick-up is often used in companies. However, the call pick-up feature is usually available to users even in private telephone environments such as ISDN or VoIP connections.

Setting up of groups for call pick-up

In a company there are often many extensions, and not every employee is required or authorised to receive and handle each call; therefore, it makes sense in such environments to set up groups for call pick-up. Only a person who is a member of such a group may pick up telephone calls of other participants of the group. Groups can be defined according to location or subject. For instance, all employees in an office or all employees working on a particular task can be assigned to a call pick-up group.


Methods of call pick-up

Various methods of call pick-up are available depending on telephone connection, telephone devices or telephone systems. Pick-up can be triggered by a specific key combination or a particular key provided on the telephone for the purpose. In modern telephone environments, in which the telephone is integrated into the PC, a simple mouse-click is sufficient for call pick-up.


Possible areas of application of call pick-up

There exist many reasonable application scenarios for the call pick-up function. Often all employees within an office are interconnected in a call pick-up group. In this way, all employees can pick up all incoming calls of the office, without having to physically go over to the respective telephone. The call pick-up function can also be used by a group of employees working on the same subject or issue in the company. In such a group, it is in principle immaterial as to which employee receives which call. Call pick-up is often used during holiday seasons or in work periods during which only few work stations are occupied. This ensures that no calls remain unanswered.