Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Using Interactive Voice Response - in short IVR - it is possible for a caller to navigate through a menu and connect with the requisite extension by pressing the corresponding buttons on the telephone. ("If you have questions regarding your bill press 1", "Would you like to change to a new tariff?", etc.). Every response, each touch of a button takes the caller to the next menu item and therefore ultimately to the correct point of contact. No receptionist is required to answer the call manually and put the caller through. The company is able to determine which questions are required in order for the caller to navigate through the menu. 

This function, implemented in Cloudya, the cloud telephone system from NFON, serves to enhance company efficiency.



• Multi Number: possibility to have several different inbound numbers per IVR

• Any number of voice dialogues per system Individual announcements

• Single-digit IVR: up to 13 options per dialogue level (0...9, *, # and time-out)

• Any system target available per selection (groups, queues, IVR, extensions, etc.)

• Multi-digit IVR’s allow to select a target by entering multi-digit numbers (e. g. “123“)

• Company directory: possibility that at entering a number in the multi-digit voice response, this number is interpreted as direct extension dialling and the caller is forwarded according to the selected extension