Call history

Call history, also known as call list, provides itemised information about telephone calls or connection requests of a telephone extension. Call lists can be provided by various devices. Thus, telephones as well as telephone systems and routers can be equipped with a call history function. In cordless DECT telephones, the call history can usually be retrieved directly on the handset via the base station. In many cases it is possible to directly dial the telephone number for a reconnection by selecting a particular entry. The number of entries in the call history is limited; however, it may vary greatly among different devices. When the maximum number of entries is reached, the oldest entries are removed from the list to accommodate the new entries.

Different call history categories

The call history can be broken down into different categories for clear representation. It is also common practice to maintain individual call histories per category. Possible categories for call history are incoming calls (also caller list) and outgoing calls (also call logs). The incoming calls list can be further subdivided into received and missed calls. Graphical displays often use category symbols beside the telephone number so that it can be easily identified which number is assigned to which category.


Available information on individual calls in a call history

In addition to the category of each individual call other information can also be saved for each entry in the call list. This information includes telephone number of the caller, dialled telephone number, start and end time of the call as well as the duration of the call. In modern, networked telephone systems, it is also possible to display other data regarding each list entry from a customer database. In DECT telephone equipment, the mobile handset number can also be included in the call history if required.


Call lists in telephone systems and routers

If call list function is provided in telephone systems or routers, then these can often be accessed and edited directly using a computer. If a phone feature is integrated in the computer system, then calls can be started by clicking on an entry.


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