Call profile

So-called call profiles allow previously defined actions to be assigned to a particular participant’s call. Call profiles can be installed in end devices as well as in telephone systems, and can be used for many different applications. In modern smartphones, call profiles form the basic function of a mobile operating system. Usually, the telephone number of a caller is used to assign a call profile to the caller. If the caller suppresses his/her call number, then the previously defined call profile may not function under certain circumstances. However, general call profiles can also be set up for all calls with suppressed telephone number.

Set-up and operation of call profiles in end-devices

Call profiles can be set up in any smartphone as well as in modern landline and cordless telephones. Generally, a call profile is configured directly in the address book [contacts] entry of the caller. There, specific actions can be assigned to the telephone number of the participant. For instance, a special ringtone, a particular volume, indication through vibration, or silent mode can be selected for the telephone number. In some devices it is also possible to directly reject particular telephone numbers with the call profile.


Call profiles in telephone systems for individual callers or caller groups

In addition to end devices, most telephone systems also allow call profiles to be set up. Thus, it is possible to specify the desired response to calls from particular telephone numbers directly in the telephone system. The laborious configuration of individual telephones can be dispensed with. Call profiles can also be used for incoming call routing and other functions. It is possible to define caller groups in order to assign a call profile to multiple telephone numbers. Individual callers or entire groups of callers are identified by the call profile based on their telephone numbers. Subsequently, the telephone system assigns one or more actions to them. Possible actions that are triggered through the call profile in the telephone system include:


  • forwarding the call to a particular number
  • forwarding directly to voice mailbox
  • direct rejection of the call
  • assigning a specific ringtone or particular telephone signal

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