FAQs, glossary, whitepapers, webinars. Everything you could want to know.

Discover the world of cloud telephone systems.

Webinars – just ask!

We use webinars to help users and those interested in the technology learn more about the benefits of the cloud based telephone systems and the functions of the NFON Cloud Telephone System.

  • What options does a cloud telephone system have to offer?
  • What benefits and features does the NFON Cloud Telephone System offer?
  • How do I get the most out of my NFON Cloud Telephone System?

Webinars allow you to ask our experts questions about these and any other topics – they’ll certainly have the right answer for you.

Whitepaper and Studies – when you want the details

  • What requirements does business telephony have to meet today and tomorrow?
  • What do IT officers in the UK think of cloud computing and cloud telephony?
  • What new possibilities does a cloud telephone system provide for businesses – and just how?
  • How can employees use their private smartphones meaningfully and safely?

Find answers to these and other questions in our whitepapers.

Glossary - the most important terms of Cloud Telephony

What is behind technical terms like "Fixed-mobile Convergence" or "Call Center Monitoring" or behind abbreviations such as "VoIP", "CTI" oder "AES"?

In our glossary you will find explanations and detailed descriptions of the technologies that are playing an important role in cloud telephony - easy to understand in simple terms.

FAQ – frequently asked questions

  • What technology is the NFON Cloud Telephone System based on?
  • How secure is the NFON Cloud Telephone System?
  • Can I also use my PC or smartphone as an extension?
  • How do I connect my analogue devices to the NFON Cloud Telephone System?

We have compiled a series of questions we are frequently asked in our FAQ section – and of course the respective answers.