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Ncontactcenter adds a fully-fledged cloud contact centre solution to Cloudya. It allows monitoring and managing customer support effectively across multiple channels, agents, and locations.

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A lot of incoming calls can be difficult to handle. Especially with a lack of phone system and agent capacity – causing frustration on the customers‘ side. Ncontactcenter is an efficient way of organising customer support, hotline or customer success departments, including performance metrics and reports.

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Ncontactcenter has been developed for businesses that deal with large numbers of incoming and outgoing customer calls and want a consistent customer experience across channels.

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Pool all information in one place

Manage the complete customer communications experience across all channels in one interface. So no messages, calls or information get lost.

Increase efficiency

Ncontactcenter makes your workflow smart and intuitive. It allows agents and employees to make calls more quickly, while reports, metrics and KPIs constantly track performance and allow adjustments.

Consistent user experience

Using the same software for all agents across all locations ensures consistent customer experience.

Why you need it

Fast way of communication

Customers don’t want long waits. They demand fast service. Ncontacenter allows quick and smooth customer contact by gathering all information in one interface.

It’s omnichannel

Traditional voice-only call centre hotlines are evolving into an omnichannel service. Ncontactcenter allows you to communicate with customers via their preferred device and channel.

Customer satisfaction

Customers demand fast and competent help. Ncontactcenter helps track support efficiency and, therefore, increase customer satisfaction.

Make it easy to handle requests.

Automated call distribution

Ncontactcenter lets you distribute calls for inbound and outbound operations across all channels. Additionally, standard REST API interfaces let you integrate CRM/ERP and workforce management.

WhatsApp® Messenger

Ncontactcenter allows you to distribute WhatsApp® messages as events. This is comparable to distributing calls to agents.


Interactive Voice Response navigates a caller through a menu as the caller presses the corresponding buttons on the telephone. It ultimately connects them to the correct point of contact.


Preview dialling supports the push of customer data towards the agent. Click-to-dial, auto-dial option, customisable call time, number of dial-up attempts and dial-up duration.

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Automated call distribution screen | NFON
WhatsApp messages on Ncontactcenter screen | NFONthe
Ncontactcenter: Interactive Voice Response | NFON
Ncontactcenter Dialer screen | NFON

Efficiency as you like it.


Ncontactcenter offers flexible voice recording. The playback feature helps increase service quality and therefore also customer satisfaction.


With Ncontactcenter you can customise logs, statistics, and agent and group reports. Currently, 20 standard reports are available. Further metrics can be accessed or obtained by subscription.

Individual call flow design

Ncontactcenter offers multi-layered standard call flow. The easy design can be optimised with individual call flows using drag-and-drop functionality.

Ncontactcenter: Recording dashboard | NFON
Ncontactcenter: Reporting dashboard | NFON
Ncontactcenter: Individual call flow design dashboard | NFON
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