8. Release Notes

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September 15th 2016

  • Until now, the option "SIP over TCP" could be selected in the customer settings. This function can now only be changed by the NFON support.
  • From now on, it is possible to select and activate predefined Directcall Emergency Numbers. With this function, it is no longer necessary to dial the prefix code (e.g. 0 or 9) before dialing the emergency number (e.g. 112). If the activated Directcall Emergency Number conflicts with an existing extension, the Directcall Emergency Number will overrule the extension number. The extension will no longer be available. Vice versa it is not possible to add an extension with the same number as an already activated Directcall Emergency Number. An error message is displayed.

July 28th 2016:

  • When adding new devices and changing the inbound trunk number the user used to enter the extension number manually. Now a selection is provided.
  • If there is a blank space or a blank line in a CSV import, an error message was displayed. This bug is now fixed.
  • The display of lines in a pop-up message during a batch import were cut. The display is now improved.
  • Missing translation for Hungarian and Spanish were implemented.

July 14th 2016:

Language improvements for Spanish, general updates and improvements.

June 2nd 2016

From now on it is possible to set distinctive ringtones for groups, skills, and queues.

May 3rd 2016

The update contains mainly smaller improvements.    

April 28th 2016

The update contains mainly smaller improvements. 

March 31st 2016

The update mainly contains general improvements and bugfixes.

November 5th 2015

The update contains mainly general improvements and small bug fixes.

January 28th 2016

The update contains mainly general improvements and smaller bug fixes.

December 23rd 2015

The update contains mainly smaller bugfixes and improvements.

November 19th 2015

  • The bug occurring when adding a Panasonic KX-TGP550 to an extension, was fixed.
  • Operators and system integrators have now the possibility to reset customer passwords.
  • The minimum and maximum length of passwords and PINS in the customer profile is now also valid for eFax extensions and conference rooms.
  • When changing their email address, customers have to enter their current password to accept.
  • General bugfixing
  • Translation optimization

November 5th 2015

This update contains generall improvements and smaller bugfixes.

October 29th 2015

  • Import/Export
  • Import: eFax extensions can now be added via the batch import function
  • Export: SpeedDial, phone extensions and  eFax extensions can now be exported via the batch export function.
  • The import and export function supports now .XLS format (Excel 97-2003) besides the already existing .CSV
  • Various bugfixes concerning import and export 

PIN changes resulting from changed security requirements

  • Device creation password, voice mail password und eFax login PIN are no longer displayed as a clear text (except user and admin PINs of conference rooms). The password can still be overwritten with a new password as usual.
  • For changes of the customer password entering the current password is necessary
  • Individually configurable minimum and maxium Voicemail PIN length for customer settings (4-32) 


  • New administration portal languages: Spanish, Croatian
  • Language improvements: Dutch
  • Language selection: Spanish for extensions, eFax extensions, and conference rooms 


  • Improvement of email validators (support of new domain suffixes)
  • Improvement of notifications and error pop ups

August 24th 2015

PIN request for external calls

  • It is now possible to activate a PIN request for external calls per extension

June 11th 2015

  • Referenced targets, eFax, languages
    Referenced targets: A new section has been integrated in the section Targets. It displays all services and extensions that are referenced to the selected service or extension.
  • Virtual fax: From now on, the tag line of an eFax can be edited. In the past, the default tag line contained the name of the PBX and the extension number. This will stay the default, in case the tag line was not changed manually.
  • Languages: Dutch is now available as display language in the administration portal. Furthermore, languages can now be selected via a dropdown menu.

April 23rd 2015


  • This update contains general system improvements for the administration portal.

March 6th 2015


  • The cancel buttons and save buttons are now displayed in the same order throughout every entry mask.
  • When configuring a device in an extension, the device name and type is displayed additionally.

February 2nd 2015


  • Beta firmware can now be distinguished in the dropdown menu. All beta firmwares are marked as "(BETA)".
  • The end device generating password checks minimum requirements for passwords after any changes: The password has to consist of at least 8 characters, at least one capital letter, one lower-case letter, one number and one special character.
  • A user can prevent login for Ncontrol on customer- and individually on device-level.

January 22nd 2015


  • Bugfix: Error message when opening a Nsoftphone premium device leading to the inability to edit the device (e.g. changing the location settings)

January 19th 2015


  • This update contains general system improvements for the administration portal.

December 17th 2014


  • Bugfix: Customers couldn't edit their profiles because of a bug in the password check
  • Bugfix: Wrong message was shown if password does not fit requirements

December 4th 2014


  • Change name on Login page from "Screen Name" to "Username".
  • It is possible to disable the functionality "Click-2-Dial" in Ncontrol for the entire customer and/or an extension. If this function is disabled the user doesn't see it within Ncontrol anymore. 
  • The language "Dutch" as conference language was removed.
  • New Serviceportal language: Polish.
  • Several bugfixes.

October 10th 2014


  • Introduction of Dutch as extension / eFax language within "Geographical settings".
  • Assignment of skill-services to function keys among groups, queues etc. possible.
  • For the Panasonic KX-TGP500 / 550 there were only 5 ports available in the administration portal to assign handsets to. However the base stations (Panasonic KX-TGP5xx) support 6 ports (Panasonic KX-TPA50). With the update there are now 6 ports available to assign handsets to.
  • Unexpected error message at deleting eFax extensions is fixed.
  • CTI Option "On", "Off" or "Trial" within Administration/Profile is not editable by customers anymore. Please contact our Sales team or your responsible system integrator for further information.

September 1st 2014


  • Bugfix: FMC devices cannot be created without GSM numbers anymore
  • Bugfix: Unexpected error messages when editing inbound trunk numbers are fixed
  • Deleting of deactivated devices with multiselect
  • Always set focus to current field when deleting value with "x"
  • Error number (timestamp) to exception messages for better identification
  • Mediagateway emergency dialplan configuration
  • The system password has to contain the following characters according to predefined validation rules: The password has to have at least 8 characters, 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, 1 special character and one number. Allowed characters are: [a-zA-z0-9!"#$%()*+,-./;<@'_]. Special characters like Ä, Ö, Ü, ä, ö, ü are not allowed anymore!

July, 3rd 2014


For time control services it is now possible to define time zones via defining the region (e. g. Europe) and the location (e. g. Berlin).


June 5th 2014


  • Conference option "Close at exit" works in accordance
  • Extension settings "extension name" and "extension number" are not deleted anymore when confirming the inbound trunk numbers
  • Defining new outbound trunk numbers for new trunks works in accordance
  • Defining the language or the option "Music if single user" are now displayed within the section "Conference options"

May, 19th 2014


  • Unexpected error when deleting some eFax extensions
  • Unexpected error when opening specific service extensions

May, 9th 2014:


  • The unexpected error message by adding an existing GSM number to a FMC device is fixed
  • It's possible to add visible DID numbers to the trunk number
  • The unexpected error message "out of service" by clicking through the top menu is fixed
  • Among the confirm button for renaming a file during the instant upload function there's also a cancel button available
  • A confirmation popup is implemented by deleting one or several targets even though the targets are not referencing to any other targets
  • A license field for KIRK bases is implemented
  • Validation rules for FMC identifier are implemented
  • Checkbox "Show Element Creation" is removed from customer profile dialogue
  • It's possible to enter multiple Mac addresses into the "new device" mask
  • An additional combobox "Customer contract" is implemented in the extension service


March, 20th 2014:


  • "visibleFor" settings does now get updated for existing phone book entries on csv import. Furthermore it's possible to export existing address books entries with a csv file.

March, 5th 2014:


The maximum number of digits in an IVR service is now restricted to 10 digits. Furthermore for input fields, you'll find the addition "Search..." to apply the search function. Per click on "X" it is possible to delete existing values in these input fields. Then you're able to choose another value per dropdown function. Moreover the "imprint" in the footer is now internationalized and is therefore linked to the English speaking homepage of NFON. The administration portal offers you besides them another service "New skill service". With that you're able to assign incoming calls to the most suitable agent in call center scenarios. It's possible to configure appropriate skills in the extensions settings.

February, 13th 2014:


  • Confirming or deleting settings (e. g. during editing inbound numbers) is now possible with Browsers like Google Chrome and Safari. Furthermore it's possible to set an alarm ringtone which is mainly needed for alarm systems. Additionally, a reboot for all devices is triggered as soon as you activate or deactivate SRTP for your telephone system.

February, 6th 2014:


  • The unexpected error message by deleting a XCAPI device is fixed. Furthermore it is not possible to save devices whose MAC addresses contain special characters (like point, comma, brackets). Moreover it is not possible to assign extensions with the number zero (0).

January, 28th 2014:


  • By previously deleting a target which you opened in a seperate tab before, the target itself has been successfully deleted but the tab still has been opened. This resulted in unexpected error messages by the administration portal. Now you are not able to delete a target which is opened in a seperate tab until the opened tab is not closed again.

January, 20th 2014:


  • The unexpected error message when defining a ring tone for devices is fixed. Furthermore, all icons to delete or edit a target within the list view are aligned by the size and represented in a consistent manner.

January, 15th 2013:


  • Current settings of your location for ports or handsets will be directly applied by the location of the base. This means, you don't have to define the location for ports or handsets manually anymore in the configuration dialogue. Furthermore the unexpected error message when defining the "dial prefix" in the configuration dialogue for extensions is fixed.

January, 7th 2014:


  • Configured function keys are now visualised with respective icons in your extension. Furthermore error messages for file imports are optimised. With that you are able to identify mistakes in the CSV file at one glance. These error messages are available in German as well as in English.

December, 18th 2013:


  • A faulty or unrealistic date for time control exceptions in an IVR service (e. g. 34.12.2013) is now always updated with the most current date (e. g. today). Furthermore, the admin option "Lock until entry" is now active for conference services. Moreover, it's possible to define trunk numbers even without extension. But prerequsite for this option is that the respective trunk number is authorised to do so. Finally, it's possible to rename uploaded .mp3- or .wav-files for queue services in the upload dialogue.

December, 11th 2013:


  • Up to now it wasn't possible to play initial or periodic announcements for queue services after uploading them. This is now fixed within the new service portal. Deleting announcements is possible via Elements/Announcements.