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Business communications

Take your communication suite to the cloud.

Cloudya is a cloud telephone system that helps make your workflow smart. Combining cloud PBX functionalities and all the UC functionalities you might need – like voicemail, call queues, screen sharing or CRM Connect. With just one number and inbox, employees can stay in contact wherever they are and across all devices.

Cloudya | NFON


Cloudya is easy to set up, fast to configure, and smooth to integrate into existing communication infrastructure. With only one number and inbox across any device, your staff won’t miss any important calls and messages.


Cloudya allows you to work wherever you want. Whenever you want. And from any device. It enables communication and collaboration between internal teams, customers and external suppliers.


NFON offers a fully redundant architecture, end-to-end data security, and voice services. All designed and managed in-house. This way we can maximise uptime to a guaranteed 99.9% platform availability and help you to always be available for your customers.

Customer contact

Your first step into the cloud.

We know changing a whole telephone system to the cloud can be challenging. That’s why NFON offers products that allow you to benefit from some of the advantages of the cloud, such as VoIP.


Customer Support

With customers becoming more demanding, it’s important to always create top-notch experiences. Find out which NFON solutions help you to exceed your customers‘ expectations. 

Retail Industry

With digital innovation the retail industry is constantly facing new challenges. Discover how NFON can help you to create a unique customer experience.

Finance & Insurance

With ever-changing technology and regulations, finance and insurance businesses are changing, too. Discover safe and reliable communication with NFON solutions.

“We save a lot of costs now that we have switched to NFON.”

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“NFON has delivered a reliable, scalable platform that has enabled extra productivity whilst saving hundreds of thousands of pounds.”

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“The quality is very good and, most importantly, NFON offers a professional service.”


“I would recommend NFON without reservation – I just plug in a new device, and it works.”


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