Efficient. Intuitive. Comprehensive.


Performance monitoring and reporting for call centres.

Nmonitoring Queues gives you a comprehensive overview of the performance of your service teams and your campaigns. Customisable wallboards and up to 180 KPIs additionally enable you to improve your performance, recognise optimisation potential in the team and provide your customers with an even better service.

  • Efficient real-time monitoring 
  • Customisable wallboards for quick performance analysis
  • Developed especially for small and medium-sized enterprises

Discover the benefits

Efficient reporting

With the aid of up to 180 KPIs, Nmonitoring Queues gives you detailed insights into all interactions.

Freely scalable

Nmonitoring Queues is a Cloud service and flexibly adapts to the growth of your company.

Calculable license model

Thanks to our transparent price model with one license per employee you can calculate your reporting budget exactly.*

Nmonitoring Queues at a glance

Different viewpoints

Nmonitoring Queues gives each part of your team precisely the information that it needs.

Customisable wallboards

In our software solution you can create a whole range of customised reporting structures using simple drag-and-drop tools.

Real-time monitoring

Nmonitoring Queues offers you an overview of all active calls, queues and outbound campaigns in real time.

Detailed insights

With the aid of up to 180 KPIs, Nmonitoring Queues gives you detailed insights into all interactions.

Report sharing made easy

Nmonitoring Queues also has a kiosk mode which allows you to share the result reports on various screens.


Nmonitoring Queues is a Cloud service and therefore flexibly adapts to the growth of your company. You can start small and expand your solution at any time as you go along.

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*Minimum purchase is 5 agents