EU-compliant voice recording and storage

Why you need Neorecording

Need better customer interactions?

Improve the quality of customer care. Listening to how you interact with customers can be a real eye-opener.

Want to promote best practices?

Have real customer interactions illustrate call handling techniques and ways to enhance the customer dialogue

Need to anticipate customer needs?

Have a valuable tool for identifying changing customer needs and overarching market trends.

Need customization?

Get cost efficiency with Flexible Licensing and a Pay as you Use model

Want to protect your business from liability risks?

Recordings help clarify who said what in disputes, resolving misunderstandings and reassuring both your staff and your customers.

Need regulatory compliance?

Some businesses are legally required to record calls in order to comply with regulatory frameworks such as MiFID II. Neorecording got you covered

cloud-based voice recording and analytics solution

Regulation Proof. Fail Proof. Future Proof.

Neorecording software from ASC Technologies is a cloud-based voice recording and analytics solution connected to Cloudya, our cloud telephone system. Neorecording solves your challenges with EU legislation and will revolutionize your customer communication.

  • Meets EU legislation requirements including MiFID II
  • Consultant calls encrypted and archived for at least five years
  • Protect your business from liability risks and avoid penalties by supervisory authorities

Discover the benefits

Comply with regulations

Neorecording ticks all the legal boxes from GDPR to Mifid II, recording calls in an audit-proof and encrypted way, while providing you the highest security standards with data being stored in georedundant data centers.

Have the data you need to make better decisions

Have customizable logs, stats and agent reports; manipulate-safe archiving, do fast search, retrieval, and playback – all the data you need to get on with business.

Have straight forward set up

Forget additional hardware / software setup, as Neorecording connects seamlessly with your existing tools.

Neorecording at a glance

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Quality management

A set of tools that can be used for the evaluation and performance assessment of agents, helping customers increase their agent’s productivity and discover trends to better serve their needs.

Seamless user experience

No need for additional hardware / software setup, as Neorecording connects seamlessly with your existing tools. The integration with Cloudya simplifies the navigation across the different solutions.

Optimise customer service workflows

Simple reporting tool that can be used to check that processes and procedures are correctly scripted. Following the trail of conversations lets you find and fix any breakdowns in customer service workflows before they affect other customers.

NFON Quality management
NFON Seamless user experience

NFON ticked all the boxes... and I don’t have to spend any time and effort worrying about it – it just works!

Analysys Mason
Neorecording Flyer
Neorecording Flyer

Professional voice recording you can rely on.

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