Cloudya: our best-ever cloud telephone system

Forget everything you've ever known about telephone systems.

Cloudya allows you to break the chains of traditional communications solutions. With one number and one inbox, employees can stay in contact and work more productively wherever they are, and whichever device they’re using.

Easy to use

Cloudya is so easy. It makes your business better, faster, flexible and much more efficient.

Total independence

Cloudya is wherever you are. You can do business from anywhere on any device. Seamlessly.

Proven reliability

We know our communications platform inside out, and make it better for you everyday.

Freedom in your business communications.

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Always up to date

Don’t worry about constant updates anymore. Cloudya comes absolutely maintenance free. Forget the additional costs when you want to upgrade your telephone system.

Accessible PBX functions

Cloudya delivers all the PBX functionalities you will ever need, from voicemail to call queues.

Virtual reality

Using virtual conference rooms saves you travel expenses, and faxes come directly to your browser or email.

How to use the Cloudya App.

1 Versatile web interface
Make calls directly from your pc or laptop, the days of just a desk phone are over.
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2 Your mobile office
Upgrade to a VoIP and a telephone system that makes you geographically independent. You can use your office number from anywhere - even on your smartphone.
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3 Flexible call options
You decide which calls to answer or divert to voicemail. Hand over a current call to your mobile.
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How to set up Cloudya.

We’ll be in touch

Our expert team will get in touch for the info we need to develop your customised solution.

Relax, that’s our job

Don’t worry about number porting or preparing hardware, we take care of all the technical details.

DIY phone system

It’s easy to configure your own system. Forget the hassle of setting up a new employee's workspace and the extra cables you need to connect their new extension on your telephone system.

How to set up cloud telephony

Why Cloudya makes your work life much easier.

Complex costly tools NFON
Complex, costly communications tools.

With multiple phone numbers, inboxes and communications tools, your employees can get behind and miss important calls and messages. Cloudya makes things better with simple, intuitive communications tools and a single phone number and inbox for reaching every employee. With fewer missed calls and messages, you can speed up interactions and maximise your productivity. Forget how expensive it is to forward calls from an office extension to an employee's mobile phone or home office, with charges payable on every single call.

Restricted communications NFON
Restricted communications with employees out of the office.

With legacy communications solutions, your employees can only be contacted at the office. That means that response times are extended, making your business less responsive and less efficient. Cloudya solves this challenge with independent communications tools that connect employees wherever they are working, on any device. This means you can speed up your communications, react to new opportunities faster and generate higher revenues for your business. 

Cloudya making life better NFON
Cloudya – making life better for your tech teams

Complex communications solutions are also difficult and expensive to deploy and maintain. This is a problem for your tech people, who often find themselves in the office in the evenings and at weekends. By simplifying deployment, management and support, Cloudya solves this challenge and makes life better for your tech teams. With no physical infrastructure for your telephone system to manage, and simple tools for adding and managing users, IT can focus on more value-added work. And thanks to VoIP technology (Voice over IP, Internet telephony) you can also safely dispense with special telephone lines.

Cloudya Flyer
Cloudya Flyer

Cloudya - communication without limits.

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Cloudya Whitepaper

Boost your business with a premium cloud telephone system.

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Working with NFON has been very positive because, instead of overcomplicating things, they focus on simplicity.

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I would recommend NFON without reservation – I just plug in a new device, and it works.


NFON ticked all the boxes... and I don’t have to spend any time and effort worrying about it – it just works!

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