Bluetooth headset

headset is a headphone-microphone combination that allows you to make calls while simultaneously pursuing other activities. In many customer service roles this is absolutely necessary, because employees often need to access their computer or type in data while on the phone. Headsets are always helpful when it is not possible or practical to hold a phone while calling. One way to solve this problem is the Plantronics headset with Bluetooth.

The Plantronics headset allows you to use your hands for other activities during a call. It is particularly practical when a headset uses Bluetooth. This is a wireless transmission option which offers the user more freedom of movement. In addition, the Bluetooth connection also offers the advantage that no cable is needed to connect the headset. To use the device, it must be connected either via a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone or a USB adapter.

While Bluetooth is an ideal solution for mobile phones, the use of a corded USB headset is recommended when using a PC or Mac. If you want a hands-free solution to use with your PC or Mac system telephone, we recommend a DECT headset, as they provide optimum quality.

A particular advantage of Plantronics headsets is that the microphone automatically detects noise. When making phone calls on the move, the noise level often varies considerably. The voices of other people talking, traffic noise or strong wind can often make it difficult to hear the other party during the call, who will then also have trouble communicating. However, the Plantronics headset with Bluetooth adjusts both the headphone volume level and the microphone's sensitivity so that there are no communication problems, even with varying noise levels.

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