DECT headset

During a telephone conversation, a headset frees up the user's hands for other activities. In many customer service roles this is absolutely necessary, because the employee frequently needs to access data from the computer or enter in data during the course of a phone call. This is greatly hindered if they have to hold the phone in one hand.

There are many different headsets, which mainly differ in the way they connect to the phone itself. Headsets that utilise a wireless connection are particularly convenient. A cable often disturbs work and restricts freedom of movement. One alternative is a Bluetooth connection. Many mobile phones have Bluetooth and a simple USB adapter can be used to connect it to the computer. Another alternative is a DECT headset.

DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications and is the name for a technical standard. A DECT headset ensures great freedom of movement, as the base station can still receive the signal from some distance away.