How your business can benefit from call recording

    Most businesses today understand the importance of excellent customer service. After all, keeping your customers happy is what sets you apart from the competition. One powerful tool for boosting your customer relationships is call recording, especially when combined with call analytics, as it helps you understand and improve the level of service you provide – while ensuring regulatory compliance and protecting you from legal risks.


    Here’s how:

    Develop better customer interactions: Recording calls and playing them back to staff can help improve the quality of customer care and raise the bar for excellence, as it gives agents a valuable opportunity for self-reflection and analysis. Sometimes, listening to how you interact with customers can be a real eye-opener.

    Protect your business from liability risks: Recordings help clarify who said what in disputes, resolving misunderstandings and reassuring both your staff and your customers. Playing back a recorded call allows your agents to review a conversation, compare what was said with their notes and make sure they complete all necessary follow-up actions. Knowing a call is being recorded also shields call centre staff from verbal abuse.

    Promote best practices: Used in staff training, call recordings from real customer interactions are great for illustrating call handling techniques and ways to enhance the customer dialogue. As part of quality monitoring, listening to your agents’ customer conversations allows you to identify high and low performers so you can make sure everyone gets the encouragement, praise and support they need. This will increase staff motivation and employee satisfaction.

    Anticipate customer needs: Call recordings can be a valuable tool for identifying changing customer needs and overarching market trends. Armed with this insight, you can stay one step ahead of your customers’ requirements and prepare your agents for more relevant customer conversations. You will be in a better position to offer your customers exactly the answers, products and solutions they are looking for.

    Deliver the best customer journey: When integrated with call analytics, recordings help demystify how your agents handle customer calls – from the average speed of answer to average call duration to the use of certain key phrases. Analysing these metrics on a companywide, branch or individual customer level allows you to make strategic decisions on fine-tuning your customer service. This insight can also help identify unhappy customers so you can take proactive steps to retain them.

    Optimise customer service workflows: Call recordings can be used to check that processes and procedures are correctly scripted. Following the trail of conversations lets you find and fix any breakdowns in customer service workflows before they affect other customers.

    Ensure regulatory compliance: Some businesses are legally required to record calls in order to comply with regulatory frameworks such as MiFID II. This could include conversations that may lead to a deal, changes or cancellations of orders, advisory conversations and even some internal communications. Call recordings must be encrypted and stored in a manipulation-safe manner. In addition, recording calls encourages employees to adhere to company policies.

    Recording calls can revolutionise your customer communication and optimise your internal processes. Neorecording enables you to deliver excellent customer service while providing state-of-the-art encryption, making sure your regulatory requirements are covered.

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