A. General information

Use the option of call recording and optimize the quality of your telephone conversations with customers. With Nrecording-basic, you can to record telephone conversations on your certified desktop telephone. This feature can be activated per device and will be monthly billed. You can also implement customised announcements that will be played before start of recording. The recorded telephone call will then be sent by email (MP3 or WAV file). The email will be sent to the email address of the extension. This is the email address that is set in the VoiceMail dialogue. The recordings will be deleted immediately after sending.


Please note that most email servers block big attachments (e.g. bigger than 10MB). In WAV format, one recorded minute corresponds to circa 1 MB while recordings in MP3 format can be up to 10 times longer without having an inferior quality. In case your email server refuses delivery of the recording system email, the recording will be deleted and so lost. Please check your email server system beforehand.

Please note the legal requirements for voice recording!

Call recording with Nrecording-basic does NOT function in case of internal conferences or in case the call to the extension is transmitted via a skill or a queue. Only calls made directly via the extension or group calls can be recorded.

Nrecording-basic works only in combination with certified desktop telephones. Softphones and FMC clients are not supported.