Call Waiting Function

Call waiting is one of the biggest benefits of modern digital telephony. The function provides a quick tone or double tone notifying the user that they have another call. The person on the phone can see who is calling to determine if the second call should be answered immediately. If the call should be answered immediately, all the person on the phone has to do is notify the first caller and put them on hold. With the press of a button, the user can switch over to the second call to quickly respond.

Call Waiting Options for the Receiver

This function benefits both the caller and the receiver. In the event of an emergency, the caller won’t be greeted with a busy signal or go straight to voicemail. At least the receiver will be told of the call to determine if it is a priority before the caller is sent to voicemail. Having the option to take an important call while on the phone helps to make people more productive since they can still make other calls while waiting for that crucial one.

Benefits of Call Waiting

  • You are notified that a second call is coming through while you are talking to someone else
  • You are given time to decide if you want to handle the second call, and you have two choices: 
    You can either put your current caller on hold instead of hanging up or you can send the second caller to voicemail.
  • Call waiting gives you flexibility so that you can take calls at your own discretion thanks to.

    You get even more benefits with NFON’s call waiting. Cloudya allows customers to set up as many as 10 profiles per extension, including the primary user. This account is called default profile.

Enabling and Disabling the Call Waiting Function in Cloudya

Cloudya is easy to use so that you can quickly enable or disable the call waiting feature. To use Cloudya, you just need to ensure the following: 1) Your telephone network supports call waiting and 2) The telephone system is call waiting compatible. For more information on how to enable or disable the feature, or to check out other functions, check out the Cloudya manual.

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