4. Call forwarding

Each user has an automatically set call forwarding profile - the default profile.

It is active per default.

- You can create your personalised profiles for certain scenarios as e.g. "Vacation" and set the target phone number to which the call can be forwarded to.


Up to 10 call forwarding profiles are available per extension.

The user can create up to 9 additional call forwarding profiles.

Create a profile

- Click on the + button under the profile tab.


- Define a title and the profile number for your profile. You can also define a colour for your profile.


Activate profile

- In order to activate a profile, click on the blue dot next to the profile name. 


If you want to use this profile, you need to activate it. Otherwise, the basic profile or another profile you have chosen, will be active!

Edit profile

You have created a profile "Vacation". To define exactly what this profile should do, you can either activate one of the call forwarding conditions

  • Always
  • Busy
  • No answer
  • Not registered

Or you can set a rule and use source based call forwarding:

Source based call forwarding means, you can choose a specific source, a telephone number, and define a rule - so what should happen if this specific telephone number calls you.

- Click on the + button in the "Vacation" tab and add a rule.

- Choose the source, the telephone number you would like to define your rule for.e.g. you choose the phone extension of a colleague Clara.


Define what should happen, if Clara calls you, e.g. each time she calls, her call should always be forwarded to your voicemail.

- In order to set this rule, select the condition "Always".  

- Define the destination to which Clara's call should be forwarded to, e.g. your voicemail.

- Save the rule.

You can also signal a busy tone by selecting "Busy" or you can define a certain phone number to which the call should be forwarded to.


Call forwarding conditions

There are four call forwarding conditions. In order to use them, you need to define a destination to which the call should be forwarded to.

- Define the call forwarding destination via the dropdown.

What do the call forwarding conditions mean:

  • Always

The call will always be forwarded. The caller will then be forwarded directly to the defined destination.

  • Busy

Your extension is busy. Where should the call be forwarded to?

The caller receives a busy signal and will then be forwarded to the defined destination.

  • No answer

You are not answering the incoming call within a defined time limit. The time limit can be set to 5, 10, 15 or 20 seconds by clicking on the number dropdown.

- Click on the number in the Dropdown. 

The caller receives a waiting signal and will then be forwarded to the defined destination.

  • Not registered

Your device is not registered on pbx (e.g. broken cable etc.). All incoming calls will be forwarded to a defined destination. 


Duplicate profile

In case you wish to create a similar profile but one that would still differ from an existing profile, you can duplicate a profile.

and enter a new profile title, choose a profile number and .

- Click on the duplicate buttonnull.

- Enter a new profile title and choose a profile number.

- Define the rules and conditions.

- Save the new profile.