What is a softphone?
A softphone is software that enables users to make voice-over IP (VoIP) phone calls via the internet. This kind of software can be installed on a PC, laptop or mobile device. The user interface often resembles a traditional phone with a keypad, with other controls such as call, hang-up and a contacts list. Examples of softphones include the NFON Cloud Telephone System and Skype for Business.


What is the difference between a softphone and a traditional phone setup?

Softphones use the internet to make phone calls. Traditional phone calls use the Public-Switched Telephone Network.

What is the difference between a softphone and a IP phone?

An IP phone is a phone handset with VoIP software (i.e. a softphone) built into it. As such, an IP phone is similar to a traditional phone, but VoIP ready. A softphone on the other hand is VoIP software that can be installed on any internet-connected device, such as a laptop, PC or mobile device.

What are the advantages of softphones compared to IP phones?

Cost effectiveness
Acquiring IP phones implies additional hardware costs, while softphones can be deployed on any internet-connected device, making them more cost effective. A cloud-based telephone system also allows you to call over the company phone network from anywhere in the world, delivering big cost savings compared to fixed IP phones.

Softphones (VoIP software) can be installed on mobile devices. This means you can receive calls to your office number out on the road, helping you stay in touch with colleagues and customers and maximise your productivity.

Simple updates
Softphones can be updated online quickly and efficiently as soon as new features and patches are available. By contrast, physical IP phones may need to be updated manually or replaced altogether, increasing workloads and costs.

It is much easier to scale telephone systems efficiently with softphones compared to traditional phone equipment. This is because VoIP software can be deployed in just a few clicks, allowing you to add or remove users on your network quickly and easily as your company grows. As an additional benefit, new users can be added with no need to preconfigure hardware, further increasing agility.

More features
Softphones have a greater range of features than traditional phone setups. You can often click on a user to call them rather than having to manually dial the number, for example. Other features include video calls and instant messaging. 

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