C. Functioning

The Ncontactcenter solution connects to the NFON PBX via a SIP trunk. Consequently, the call goes over from the PBX to the Ncontactcenter solution.


All call forward and call flow logic lies within the Ncontactcenter solution. The call remains in the Ncontactcenter solution until its end. This allows comprehensive reporting and conclusive statistics.


During all this time, the desktop telephone itself serves only for taking and ending the call. 


Logging in and off as an agent as well as all further call control takes place in the Ncontactcenter solution.

The solution currently does not include CTI, directory or presence intergration into the NFON PBX.


Below you will find some of the Ncontactcenter features:


  • web-based solution without client installation
  • flexible customization of web pages
  • extensive rights management system
  • complex standard call flow
  • graphical IVR GUI allows simple call flow creation
  • context-sensitive help
  • variety of distribution algorithms (also hybrid forms)
  • step function for skill management
  • last agent (calculable over 24h ahead)
  • skill correction on status
  • guided transfer in support of free of charge queues
  • agent remains available until the target responds
  • supervisor supervisor loggs on agents that are logged off
  • call statuses allows flexible job assigning (calls, call back, emails...)