Polycom KIRK

Communication within an organisation is an important foundation upon which to build good relationships with clients and business partners. It is possible to use many different kinds of technology to achieve this. An especially efficient way for a company to design its communication system is by using Internet Telephony and equipping employees with cordless phones. The company Polycom offers a great way to implement the technology in such systems, with Polycom KIRK.

Each cordless phone requires a base station. Depending on the number of users and the distance at which they are situated from them, it may be necessary to add more base stations. While some providers offer very few different options for the configuration of telephone lines, Polycom KIRK offers highly individual solutions. For smaller units, the KIRK Wireless Server 300 provides an ideal basis. This single-cell solution allows for the connection of up to 12 handsets. The KIRK Wireless Server 6000, however, is a multi-cell solution, ideal for larger companies. It can be connected to multiple base stations, enabling greater numbers of users in larger companies to effortlessly keep in touch.

In addition to the servers and base stations, the KIRK series also has a large number of different handsets on offer. They are in different price ranges and offer various sets of features. All of these handsets can connect to KIRK base stations. This allows for individual solutions for corporate communications. NFON offers the entire Polycom KIRK range.