Cordless telephony

With cordless telephony, the handset is connected to a local base via radio technology. Cordless telephony is therefore different from mobile telephony. Although the cordless phone does make the user mobile, he is limited to the range of his base. Cordless phones have a range of about 30 meters inside buildings and about 100 meters outdoors. For the greatest possible range, the local base should be placed in a central location. The base is connected to the network provider's analogue or digital telephone connection or a router. Depending on the model, several handsets can be used with one base. If several handsets are connected to the base, the different handsets can be used as an intercom without using the external telephone network. In this case the base takes on the function of a central telephone system. The base can typically also be used to charge the handset.

DECT standard for wireless communication in cordless telephony

The DECT standard is widely established for wireless communication between the base and the handsets. Standardisation and DECT-GAP allow devices from different manufacturers to be used with a base. Within Europe, DECT uses a frequency range between 1.88 and 1.90 gigahertz. Some other countries use different frequency ranges. Cordless phone may therefore only be operated in the certified countries. In addition to telephony, DECT can be used for additional functions. For example, text messages can be transmitted to a handset via DECT.

Cordless telephony via Wi-Fi

Although there are cordless phones on the market which use Wi-Fi, this standard has not been able to prevail over DECT. This is due to some system restrictions Wi-Fi technology has. In addition to a limited range compared to DECT, users of Wi-Fi phones may in some cases need to anticipate inadequate bandwidths due to parallel data transmission on the Wi-Fi network, since phones and other devices share the bandwidth. This can cause interruptions or even dropped connections.

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Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications, abgekürzt DECT, bezeichnet einen Übertragungsstandard für die kabellose Übertragung von Telefonaten oder auch Daten.

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