Electronic Hook Switch

An Electronic Hook Switch, or EHS for short, is a device that is able to electronically connect a wireless headset with a telephone and provide certain functions via headset. These devices are available for Bluetooth headsets as well as for headsets using the DECT standard. An Electronic Hook Switch allows telephone calls to be controlled entirely from the headset without the user being near the telephone. So calls can for example be accepted or ended right from the headset.

Benefits of using an Electronic Hook Switch

An Electronic Hook Switch eliminates mechanical solutions such as lifting a receiver and ensures the function is reliable and wear-free. Electronic Hook Switch typically works with all EHS-compatible headsets. The ability to accept or make calls right from the headset allows the user to be fully mobile within a certain range and to be flexible in his work. Switching calls between the headset and telephone allows calls to be transferred back to the normal receiver once the employee is near the phone again. Another benefit is eliminating investments in expensive telephone technology, since Electronic Hook Switch works on a lot of standard phones.

Electronic Hook Switch functions

Electronic Hook Switch provides a variety of functions for headset calls. The following functionalities are typically standard on the devices:

  • Indicating calls on the headset (often also with the telephone ringer switched off)
  • Accepting a call via headset
  • Ending a call via the headset
  • Switching calls between the headset and the telephone receiver
  • Adjusting the volume and synchronizing the volume level of the headset and telephone
  • Muting the telephone 


Depending on the actual product and the phone system used, the Electronic Hook Switch may have some additional features.

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