Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC)

The abbreviation FMC stands for the technical phrase Fixed Mobile Convergence and describes the integration of mobile and fixed-line communication services within a complete solution. Whilst mobile and fixed-line telephone networks were technically entirely separate until just a few years ago, nowadays they are increasingly merging. It is therefore possible today to reach a modern FMC solution both on a mobile basis with its landline number, and on a fixed-line basis using the mobile number. Furthermore, the use of the telephone service is entirely device-independent. Companies that use FMC solutions are therefore more reachable and thus also benefit from the increased efficiency of their personnel. Additionally, costs are also minimised because the most economical type of connection at the respective time can be selected automatically.

Mobile devices such as the smartphone or PDA therefore become valuable extension units, also when carried around the office in the trouser pocket.

When the user returns to the office from a business trip, their smartphone books them into the internal company network automatically via WLAN. Without the user even perceiving this action they then use the more economical telephone service of the office system and avoid costly mobile network connections.

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