uaCSTA connection

The term 'uaCSTA connection' is an abbreviation for 'User Agent Computer Supported Telecommunications Applications' and describes a standard that is used in relation to Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). CTI enables the fusion of telecommunications equipment with electronic data processing. It allows computer software to make, forward and terminate phone calls, as well as initiate conference calls. Computer Telephony Integration is a special feature of many modern telephone systems and it is mainly used by businesses.

The CSTA protocol is used for standardised communication between telephone systems and computer programs. It defines the data that is to be transmitted and the messages to be exchanged and it is at the respective manufacturer's discretion which transport protocol it uses. CSTA can, for example, operate serially, via digital ISDN or transferred between a computer and telephone system via TCP/IP. uaCSTA is a restricted form of CSTA and exclusively uses XML coding for data exchange.

If both your computers and your phone system are running uaCSTA-compatible software, they will be able to exchange information with each other, allowing them to perform the functions required for Computer Telephony Integration. Some e-mail programs include features that work with CTI – for example, features enabling users to make phone calls directly from their email, or to save notes associated with the contact during a conversation to programs on their computer.

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