Call management

Call management

The numerous call management functions allow all extensions to be organised individually and efficiently interconnected.

Available functions

  • Easily register and deregister extensions to devices

  • Unlimited number of incoming or outgoing calls per system

  • Up to 5 parallel incoming or outgoing calls per device; more parallel connections possible for eFax and switchboard

  • Incoming and outgoing calls using up to 1000 different PSTN numbers

  • Define several different direct dial numbers (for incoming and outgoing calls) for an extension

  • Call history on the device* including date, time and telephone number (outgoing, incoming, missed calls including flag if multiparty call or from queue, BPX group and trunk used)

  • Announced or unannounced transfer (internal, external) (quick transfer)

  • Keep dialing function: if you are unable to reach the internal party you have the option to mark it with speed dialing. The telephone system notifies you when the party is free again and will connect you again if desired. This conveniently uses a function code without the party being called knowing of your attempt to call.

  • Logging in to queues (overline service) directly from the phone or via Ncontrol

  • Configure call forwarding directly from the directly from the phone or via Ncontrol

  • DTMF (dual-tone multi-frequency signaling) outgoing and incoming

  • Different ring tones* for internal and external calls

  • Freeseating / Hotdesking – flexible work station selection, registering and deregistering an extension to/from different devices (follow me)

  • Call status signaling for individual extensions on the device* (busy field lights)

  • Call pickup within the system, within groups and for individual extensions via speed dial or function keys on the devic

  • Call forwarding via function keys (call deflection)*

  • Callback, hold and toggle between calls

  • Automatic return transfer after failed transfer by time (call reflection)

  • Set language (phone menu, announcements, etc.) individually by extension

  • Configure by individual extension how many seconds after entering a phone number a call is placed *

  • Configure by individual extension after how many digits to suggest a phone number when entering a number on the device. The suggested phone numbers correspond to the stored call history*

  • Call waiting extensions

  • Intercom*

  • Configure access to the main phonebook by individual extension

  • Configure by individual extension whether to show the extension in the main phonebook

  • Cost center number assignment per extension. This cost center is listed in the itemized statement.

  • Use project codes for outgoing calls (listed in the itemized statement)

  • Optional MultiPhone function: use up to 9 different device types under one number per extension

  • System management for administrator via convenient service site (web interface), manage all system settings (German, English, French and Italian)

  • * Depending on device