C. OfficeMaster Suite integration process

 - Contact the technical support in order to discuss the OfficeMaster Suite integration. 

You can contact the technical support at 0800 6366 555.

Please state your customer number at the beginning of the call. Our support team will be happy to assist you. 


- NFON will then send you a Declaration of Consent for releasing the SIP data. 

Please enter your data, sign it and send it back to NFON.


- Once NFON has received your Declaration of Consent, the support team will set up the XCAPI device in your telephone system. 


- After the set up, the support team sends you your SIP user data per email.


- The necessary data needs to be entered in the OfficeMaster suite. 

You will find details on the configuration of the software chapter D.

The software manufacturer of OfficeMaster is the company Ferrari-electronic. For more information visit: http://www.ferrari-electronic.de

You will find more information on: sources of supply, support information, installation manuals, compatibility lists.