B. Technical Specification

NFON operates multiple, geo-redundant data centres which are build to completely take over for each other if necessary. All sites are interconnected through multiple high capacity broadband connections to perform all failover scenarios at an instant. All sites have multiple high capacity internet connections and high performance peerings with the public internet.

Nconnect Voice trunks are handled on a geo-redundant, high-performance cluster of multiple call-routers. So failover-scenarios are implemented per data centre and across data centres to provide maximum reliability. In order to accomplish this for each individual setup, the customer's IP PBX shall only use a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) instead of individual IP addresses. SIP trunks are authenticated via the credentials for the SIP username and associated with one single geographical phone number block.


The technical implementation of Nconnect Voice is based on the SIPconnect 1.1 Technical Recommendation (URL) with only a few exceptions. In particular, "Annex B: Static Mode" is not implemented by NFON.