Multiphone function

The term ‘multiphone function’ is often used in the context of modern cloud-based telephone systems. Thanks to the multiphone function, it is possible to increase the number of telephones or other communication devices that can be operated in parallel with an extension. Furthermore, the term ‘multiphone function’ also appears in the description of certain telephones, where it refers to the setting up of various different functions and applications on a single device. This glossary entry refers to the multiphone function of cloud-based telephone systems.

Using several end devices on one extension with the multiphone function

In extensions of a cloud-based telephone system which can be equipped with the multiphone function, it is possible to operate and use, for each extension, a definite number (often up to nine) of end devices of different types under a single call number. The costs for a cloud-based telephone system can be significantly reduced using this function, especially in the case of small companies with less number of end devices and low telephone budget. Although usually a fee is chargeable for the multiphone function on an extension, the overall costs for this function are considerably lower than that required for additional extensions. Multiphone functions render cloud-based systems more scalable and reduce the initial costs for cloud-based telephony.

Installing and using additional functions on multiphone connections easily

Extensions with multiphone options typically allow individual functions to be quickly and easily installed for all end devices together. These functions include e.g. uniform redirection, voice mailbox, shared busy lamp field displays and other interesting features. The administration costs for communication functions in the company are thus minimised and optimised.