Keypad expansion

With a keypad expansion, additional function or dial keys can be added to a telephone. These allow convenient dialling or calling specific functions by simply pressing a few keys. Keypad expansions are available in many different models and by various manufacturers. They have to be compatible with the respective device or the telephone system in use to be able to link them to a telephone. They are connected to the telephone either with cables or by directly connecting to the extension interface existing in the telephone. The power supply for the expansion model can be provided by external mains adaptor or via the telephone, depending on the model. A standard feature of keypad expansion generally includes LED indicators for conveying status information. Some devices also have a separate display and can show comprehensive information on telephone calls or functionalities.

The configuration of the keypad expansion depends on the model and is possible using various methods. Keypad expansion of a VoIP telephone can usually be programmed conveniently over a web interface and a graphical user interface.

Keypad expansion for frequent callers

The expansion keys can be assigned the numbers of frequently called participants and be individually labelled. Thus, it is possible for the user to initiate a large number of calls directly with a single push of a key. Keypad expansions often have 40 or more programmable keys. Some allow cascading of several expansions and thus provide almost 100 or more programmable function keys.

Keypad expansion for switchboard functions

Telephone users whose job is to receive calls and transfer or put calls through to other participants, find an extremely useful tool in the form of a specially designed keypad expansion. Information on the status of a call or a line is provided by LED indicators. Thus, e.g., incoming calls, calls on hold or parked calls can be identified at a glance. Specific keypad expansions, in interaction with the telephone system, enable the user to determine how many calls are in progress at the moment, which participants are free or for how long will calls be in queue.