Direct Calling

The term direct calling is not clearly defined in the cloud telephony field. A direct call typically refers to establishing a connection to a previously defined subscriber, triggered by a specific action. Depending on the technology the phone uses and how the function is implemented, the action to be executed for direct calling can vary. This can for example be picking up the receiver or pushing any key on the phone. Other actions may be putting the receiver up to the ear or touching a specific icon on a touchscreen.

Direct calling via motion control on a smartphone

Many smartphones support direct calling via motion control. With the direct calling function activated, if the display shows a specific contact or a message from a specific contact you only need to place your smartphone up to your ear to call this contact. Using motion and proximity sensors, the smartphone recognizes a connection is to be established and in this case uses the information on the screen to make the call.

Direct calling for children or individuals in needs of care

The direct calling function is helpful for individuals in need of care or children unable to dial a specific number or execute an action on a phone. In this case, first a number is stored in the phone which will then be used for direct calling. With direct calling activated on the phone, this number is dialled automatically when the receiver is picked up or a key is pushed. This allows children to easily call their parents from their call phone without dialling the entire cell phone number or pushing a specific speed dial button. This feature is often referred to as baby call.

Smartphones can often be configured so that touching a picture of an individual will place a call to them. Children and persons in need of help can also use this function for direct calling.