DECT repeater

By using a DECT repeater, it is possible to extend the operational range of a cordless DECT phone. For example, with a skillful arrangement of several repeaters it is possible for large buildings to have complete coverage with a DECT signal. A DECT repeater can also be used outdoors to increase the DECT range. When ceilings, floors, walls or large objects obstruct the spread of the DECT signal, or if crackling, noise or interference on the DECT connection occurs, a DECT repeater can solve these issues.

How a DECT repeater works Similar to a Wi-Fi repeater, the DECT repeater receives the signal from the base itself and radiates an amplified signal. While the DECT standard allows for a range around a base station of approximately 50 meters indoors and up to 300 meters outdoors, a DECT repeater extends the maximum achievable distances considerably. Placed on the edge of the basic coverage area, it can almost double the maximum distance from the base. A DECT base station can register up to six repeaters. This allows the overall radius to expand around the base in any direction.

If the DECT repeaters are properly arranged and installed the DECT telephone system is able to maintain an uninterrupted connection to a handset that moves from the area of one repeater to another during a call. A repeater uses the same standard frequency ranges as a DECT base.

The installation and configuration of a DECT repeater

Many DECT repeaters are designed to be a small, compact power socket mounted device. They can be plugged into an existing power socket and are then ready for use. DECT repeaters in the form of table-top or wall-mountable units are also available. Special weather-resistant repeaters are available for outdoor use. The process of registering the repeater with the base is almost identical to that of a DECT handset. Devices are available with manual or automatic registration functions. Depending on the device manufacturer, specific settings for registration may be necessary. This is usually necessary when there are manufacturer-specific and additional functions.

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Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications, abgekürzt DECT, bezeichnet einen Übertragungsstandard für die kabellose Übertragung von Telefonaten oder auch Daten.

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