Conference function

The conference function allows more than two parties to communicate over the phone in a virtual conference room. In principle, there is no limit to the number of participants; it all depends on the technical solution made available by the provider in question. It is even possible to hold telephone conferences with hundreds of participants. In order to ensure that only authorised persons are able to participate in the telephone conference, it is customary to protect access by means of a PIN, for example. The digitalisation of telephony and the enhanced technical possibilities it presents are leading to an increase in the significance and popularity of the conference function. In the professional business environment, telephone conferences facilitate savings in travel expenses and time resources, as the number of meetings requiring physical presence can be kept to a minimum. An alternative term for a telephone conference is “conference call”. 

Possible functions of a telephone conference

Depending on the technical design of the conference function, various service features can be implemented. Individual participants can be switched to mute, moderator functions transferred to individual persons, or recorded messages played to participants. Some systems even allow for sub-conferences to be conducted. Adding further participants is possible either via an add-on function which calls the conference participant, or via a dial-in function, enabling the participant to access the telephone conference independently.

Various cost models supported by the conference function

The conference function supports a number of different cost models. By way of example, the costs can be allocated in full to the individual participants or the conference organiser, or shared between the participants and the organiser. 

Upgrading of the conference function for a web conference in voice-over IP environment

Thanks to voice-over IP telephony and the use of modern IP data networks, a telephone conference can generally be upgraded to a web conference without difficulty. In addition to voice communication, a web conference allows screen content and applications to be shared among conference participants. This facilitates presentations or the joint editing of documents. If video images of the participants are desired, a telephone conference can be upgraded to a video conference with the help of the appropriate technical equipment.

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