Callback is a special method that can be used in telephony, whereby return calls can be requested from a service provider. The actual connection is established by a service provider that does the calling back. This makes it possible to conduct calls via a different telephone provider from the one that provides your telephone line or mobile telephone, and be billed by the third party service provider. This method is often used to optimise phone charges or to give employees the opportunity to make calls via their own work phone connection, without the company incurring the costs of private telephone calls. It can also be used when a company's phone line does not support Call-by-Call, to allow them to select another phone service provider to make calls through.

How the callback method works

To use callback, the caller must first call the callback provider to indicate that they want to establish a conversation and that they expect a callback. Depending on the service provider, various methods are used. The callback request can be made by short call to a special phone number, via an SMS text message, online via a web browser or through special software or an app. The provider then calls the subscriber back on the line from which they want to make the call. In the second step, the participants then give the provider the number they want to call and the provider makes the connection. In general, prior registration with the provider and authentication are required in order for the call to be placed.

Callback is of particular interest when the callback provider offers cheaper rates than the main provider used by the caller. International calls can often be made far more cheaply using this process.

Callback and telephone systems (PBXs)

In many cases, conventional, stationary telephone systems, as well as modern cloud PBXs, support the callback method. This functionality allows, for example, private mobile phones to be integrated into a company network. The employee is able, via callback, to make calls without having to pay the charges themselves. Calls are made through the telephone system and invoiced for by the telecommunications provider.

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