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Telephony in the Public Sector

Whether it’s in local or central government, education or another area, the public sector places unique demands on its telephony networks whilst at the same time, facing the highest levels of scrutiny over their procurement, utilisation and costs. At NFON, we understand the pressures that ICT, finance, HR and other decision makers are under to deliver value for money. And all whilst providing teams with the best possible tools, and citizens with the best possible services.

NFON is a UK Government Supplier

Cloudya, the NFON smart communication platform helps the public sector deliver on its obligations to taxpayers and those who use its services directly. By providing flexible, scalable communications solutions, and across multiple sites when needed, NFON reduces the costs and limitations associated with operating a static, fixed-line PBX.

NFON has been approved by the UK Government as a supplier under the G-Cloud procurement initiative. Our award-winning cloud PBX is available to the UK public sector through the government’s digital marketplace. With our intuitive cloud communications solutions, NFON is the new freedom of public sector communication.

 UK Government Supplier, NFON

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