The NFON Partner Programme.

With attractive benefits for you as an NFON partner.

Top Commissions. You benefit for life:

Our telephone system has a future, but so does our commission pattern. For example, you receive money every month as long as your customer uses NFON. We call it customer lifetime commission.

  • High acquisition commission for NFON and SDSL.
  • Three appealing reseller levels, one to fit everybody.
  • Future-proof products: cloud telephone system and SDSL.
  • As a NFON reseller you save on NFON products.

The NFON Partner Initiative: All for your sales success!

NFON supports you in your sales endeavors in any way possible. For example with new customers, advertising materials and top commissions. But also with powerful NFON Cloud Telephone System to win over your customers.

  • Top commissions: e.g. the customer lifetime commission
  • Complete service: by phone, by email or right on site
  • Cloud telephone system of the future
  • Bonus events: free tickets for exhibitions

Products of the future times three: The NFON telephone system and SDSL

Your customers will be happy with the NFON Cloud Telephone System now and in the future. Automatic updates always keep the technology up to date. Meaning: 100% future-proof products for your customers and customer lifetime commission for you.



Always the latest business communication for your customers.

The market for cloud solutions is growing rapidly.

NFON supplies you with products of the future and new customers.

High acquisition commissions for the NFON Cloud Telephone System and SDSL.