Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams* for simplified communications

Juggling apps every day can drive your employees crazy, It’s not good news for your business either, wasting valuable time, all the time. Solving these problems, NFON Integration for Microsoft Teams* gives you internal and external phone calling in just one app. It also gives you lots more:

  • Every employee gets their own number in Microsoft Teams*
  • Add and provision numbers in just one click
  • Easy to port numbers from your current provider
  • High quality calls with a global voice network

How does it work?

NFON is listed as an operator in the Microsoft Teams* admin center. In fact, NFON is a Pan-European Microsoft partner so don’t be surprised if you see our name up there in flashing lights.

All you have to do is choose us from the list as your operator to connect your PSTN world with Microsoft Teams*, in one seamless interface, and provision numbers for PSTN calls.

Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams | NFON

Top 6 reasons customers choose it

  1. Super-stable PSTN Connection through smarter API integration
  2. Call mobiles or landlines straight from Microsoft Teams*
  3. Arrange numbers for your whole team from one familiar interface
  4. Opportunity to import numbers from your existing supplier for seamless continuity
  5. Hassle-free number provisioning through Microsoft Teams* admin center
  6. Easy set-up in a couple of ticks with a few clicks

Download our handy One Page Guide

Get all the key facts about Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams* in a bite-sized guide.


1 User

  • SIP Channel Price: €1.50
Operator Connect Price: €3.50

10 Users

  • Number of SIP channels: 2
  • 2 parallel calls
Operator Connect Price: €7.00

50 Users

  • Number of SIP channels: 10
  • 10 parallel calls
Operator Connect Price: €35.00

100 Users

  • Number of SIP channels: 20
  • 20 parallel calls
Operator Connect Price: €70.00

More options

  • 1000 minute package/price per package - You can book as many packages as needed: €28.10

Not sure of the best way to connect telephony in Microsoft Teams*?

At NFON, we know one size does not fit all. Click the link below to understand the full range of options available to your business.


*Microsoft Teams is a trademark of the Microsoft group of companies.