D. Characteristics

Ndaks offers following transmission and communication scenarios:

  • free announcement
  • informing
  • gather together (message to everyone)
  • group call (message to a group)
  • personal message
  • warning


Ndaks-Eco 100 allows the following:

  • recorded announcements from Wave files or currently via telephone recorded announcements
  • manual activation of prepared alarm groups
  • transmission of technical alarms (e.g. temperature or level too high, open door - also time-dependent) in connection with an alarm system* or directly via a max 16xIN (secure) and 8xOUT contact inputs
  • transmission of fault messages from the production department to the mobile service team, in connection with an industrial control
  • availability of a dial-in conference hub (chat room), e.g. emergency conference with participants dial-up and phone meeting points with dial in function
  • service calls with a number of currently needed of people to be entered
  • alerting/notification via telephone calls, priority assignment for broadcast calls and recipients, 100 broadcast call groups 
  • broadcast call activation via contact input, with or without short-circuit detection and broken wire detection, control panels*, telephone
  • administration via the browser, languages available in Ndaks: DE / EN / FR / NL / TK
  • detailed logging
  • connection to NFON PBX systems (VoIP unencrypted or encrypted)
  • extension of the license to host systems*, serial via ESPA 4.4.4/TAP or via LAN via ESPA-X. 

*The ESPA license extension needs to be implemented by a DAKS certifies technician. Both, the license and the service result in additional cost.