A. General

A. General

Connecting protel with the PBX is an alternative to traditional hotel management PBX systems. It offers a VoIP based PBX with an integrated interface to the property management system (PMS) of the hotel.


Supported features:

- Transfer of tariff information at the end of a call (length, billing, anonymized call number) 

- Room state information via the room service personnel with codes

- Outward dialing of the telephone depending on the occupancy of the room


The PMS and the PBX are constantly connected and can communicate information instantly.

Billing data

At the end of an call, protel communicates all billing data to the PMS, including:

- Time of call

- Anonymized call number

- Length

- Billing

Outward dialing

Outward dialing is dependent on the occupancy of the room: As soon as the room state is shared by the PMS, protel enables outward dialing for the respective room telephone. If no guest is occupying the room, outward dialing will be disabled and the telephone is being reset. All call data is erased on the telephone.

Room state

Room service can send the room state from the room telephone to the PMS via telephone codes. The following code applies:


*4*<room number>*<state>

– <room number> can be neglected (*4**<state>): the telephone knows that it is the room from which the code is being sent


If the connection fails, all data will be stored in the clipboard and will be send to the PMS as soon as the connection is back.


Connecting the PBX with the PMS (protel) is enabled via a secure and protected connection (SSL) as well as a password. To connect protel with the PBX the current pprotel software version needs to be installed with the following parameters:

  • Server: protel.nfon.net:10008
  • Customer number: <Kxxxx>
  • Login: <as per the PBX partner>
  • Password: <as per the PBX partner>

The protel software will now establish a constant connection to the PBX.