Answering machine

An answering machine is able to accept missed calls and greet the caller with a personalised message. After the message is played it provides the option to leave a message which the called person can listen to on their return. The call acceptance by the answering machine can be configured in a number of ways: Answering machines can be set so that they only play a short message, without a subsequent recording option. They can answer every call immediately or after a certain number of rings. They can also be set so that no calls will be accepted. Modern answering machines are also able to store fax calls so that they are available for later retrieval or printing out. The earliest devices were equipped with magnetic audio tape, on which the welcome messages and caller messages were stored. Modern answering machines are almost exclusively equipped with digital storage.

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Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications, abbreviated to DECT, is the name of a standard for the wireless transmission of telephone calls or data.

DECT is often used for cordless telephony in…

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