5. Conference manager

The Ncontrol conference manager enables conference users and admins to subscribe to conferences, display available parties, de- and active voice accustics and controlling these conferences via the conference admin.


The Ncontrol conference manager enables you to view subscriber information independently from member or conference admin, use and de/-activate functions like mute or deaf or to invite non-members to the conference in real-time. 

The Ncontrol conference manager is available as browser version (ncontrol.nfon.com) only. The conference manager is not available for the Ncontrol Windows or Mac client.

Internet Explorer is not supported. Use the following browsers which are compatible with the conference manager: 

  • Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome

A preconfigured conference service has to be available to subscribe to any conference.

Click here to see how to define a conference service in the administration portal.

To access the conference settings please click .


You can now see the conference overview. As long as you have not subscribed to any conference, you will not be able to see any of them in the overview.


Subscribe to conferences

Please click Subscribe to subscribe a conference.


Please enter the conference number as well as your PIN number to the appearing popup to subscribe to the conference. Dependent whether you are the member or the conference admin you have to type in the admin PIN or the user PIN.





  1. Please click Add to subscribe the conference.
  2. Please click Cancel to cancel the subscription.


Now the conference you subscribed to is available in the conference overview. In the example below you are signed as the conference admin.


Unsubscribe to conference rooms

To unsubscribe to one of your conference rooms, please click the unsubscribe button .

Subsequently you are able to remove the subscribed conference room. Click the red unsubscribe button  for all conferences you like to remove.

By removing or unsubscribing the respective conference room number you will not be excluded from the conference. Furthermore you are still able to dial into the respective conference.