2. Il funzionamento dell’apparecchio telefonico

Cosa si nasconde dietro voci del menu quali destinazioni, elementi amministrazione e numeri di selezione diretta nel portale di assistenza?

Il portale di assistenza distingue diverse classi di componenti dell’apparecchio dove in ogni classe vengono riassunti i componenti che appartengono alla stessa tematica

‌Classes Description

All components of the telephone system, which forms a point for calls, are administrated under targets. This includes: 

  • the classic extension linked to a telephone
  • extensions for eFax use (central fax service).
  • all components services such as: conference, time control, queueing, group und IVR.

The category elements covers all basic modules of the telephone system, i.e. the telephones themselves as well as audio files to use as hold music, hold music for queues and announcements. You need the elements as basic modules for the configuration of services and terminal points.

  • Profile (Password, etc.)
  • Sites, settings for e.g. timezone
  • Batch Import, import of speeddial entries, phone extensions, phone book entries
  • Phonebook
DID DID provides a quick overview of the telephone numbers configured for your system, the associated direct dial numbers and all existing extensions. Here, you can also change the assignment of telephone numbers for outside lines and link direct dial numbers with extensions or services.