"NFON solution’s quality, performance and the fact that they are always up-to-date have impressed us."

Thomas Pfeffermann

System Administrator

Boost Sustainability With a Future-proof Communications Solution

The lady from the corner shop would have been proud of them. Tegut… sell juicy red apples, delicious fresh rolls and have daily new recipes for their customers and suggestions for example how to serve bean casserole or steak with glazed turnips. The company was founded in 1947 and represents excellent quality and sustainability in food products. Genetic engineering is something tegut… disapprove of; instead they promote preservation of natural resources which they find equally important as evironment protection. The company has very high standards in choosing its suppliers and telecommunications are no exception. For that reason tegut has chosen the NFON Cloud communications solution.

The Starting Point

  • Need for modernisation of a 5 year old communication system
  • Inadequate functional diversity in the call centre industry
  • Possibility of connecting to existing fax server solution from Ferrari
  • Upgrade with additional fees and administrative overhead

The Benefits

  • Seamless integration into existing IT applications
  • Free software updates
  • Improved quality of service
  • Easy to use for user and administrator
  • Easily scalable
  • No investment in own telephone system
  • Sustainability and future security

"Our existing business processes were considerably optimised by the integration of the NFON communications solution."

Benjamin Beinroth

IT Manager