Local Government:

Individual Local Authorities do have a smaller citizen base than the big government department, yet they have a much more diverse service requirement and are much more “in the front line”. Demand can vary greatly during busy periods e.g. council tax payments and school enrollment.

The new demands put on Local Government with the advent of the social care act will increase the need to communicate rapidly and securely with other health and care agencies staff, many of whom will be mobile workers.

Good flexible communications both internally and externally, are a challenge. Cloud telephony can quickly respond to these changes and can equally be scaled back after the peaks.

Enjoy the benefits of NFON for Skype for Business, the seamless fusion between Microsoft’s Enterprise Skype and our cloud-based telephone system. It combines Skype for Business features with the flexible functionality of our cloud-based telephone system providing the ideal Managed UC solution for all organisations.

Unified communications through cloud technology is producing a revolution in the way that all orgnisations communicate. It offers far reaching benefits to management across the a whole authority.

Access our Local Government papers for further insight.