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NFON is the European market leader in its sector. This requires a large user base of satisfied customers. To make sure it stays that way, NFON has a large service team, because we know how important great service is for all of our customers and partners. Most importantly, all NFON employees work with full commitment and a passion for their industry. There is no 9 to 5 mentality and the phrase 'customer satisfaction' means everything.

Our experiences with clients from various industries, all with very specific challenges and often requiring unique solutions, show that this attitude has taken us a long way. Read our case studies to learn in detail about the advantages and benefits existing users were able to draw from the NFON Cloud Telephone System.

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Not only the functionality of the NFON Cloud Telephone System is continuously expanding, but the number of settings in which it can be used is also constantly growing. That growth also increases your ability to get the maximum benefit from your NFON Cloud Telephone System. There are very few applications that have so many special requirements as do telephone systems.

Be it disaster recovery, extremely complex billing models, such as for hotels, or in connection with an emergency server, for example, in a hospital, NFON has already developed standardised solutions for various different purposes that take precisely this complexity fully into account. Your ideal solution may already be available. And if not, then we will develop it for you.


The NFON Cloud Telephone System has the perfect solution for hotels and managed services organisations.


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