Who is Vienna House? What was their telephony challenge?

An independent hotel group with 32 properties in eight European countries

Business Need

Vienna House wanted to ‘go digital’ and introduce digital journeys for guests of its two hotel brands, incorporating telephony functionality and other features specific to the hospitality sector alongside its existing property management system (PMS). The hotel group was also keen to avoid complexity in implementing and managing a new solution.

 Vienna House, Business Need, telephone system, NFON, customer stories
 Vienna House, benefits of choosing NFON, telephone system, NFON, customer stories

What are the benefits of choosing NFON?

According to Vienna House, no other service was able to offer what NFON has delivered. The PMS integration was swift and successful, increasing workflow efficiency and staff productivity. NFON has also proved very easy to administer – the process of setting up extra phones and ports has been effortless – while excellent support is always close at hand if needed.

“Working with NFON has been very positive because, instead of overcomplicating things, they focus on simplicity.”

Vienna House