Who is Torfhaus HARZRESORT? What was their telephony challenge?

A luxury holiday resort situated in the Harz Mountains of Germany

Business Need

The number one telephony focus for Torfhaus HARZRESORT is reliability. Each high-end holiday home has a phone, and guests expect a high standard of service with no problems. The resort is expanding with additional properties, so easily managing increased user requirements was also important.

 Tofhaus Harzresort, Business Need, telephone system, NFON, customer stories
 Torfhaus Harzresort, benefits of choosing NFON, telephone system, NFON, customer stories

What are the benefits of choosing NFON?

Torfhaus HARZRESORT enjoys the complete flexibility of our cloud telephone system and can extend it with minimal effort – adding more end devices and extensions without building up hardware infrastructure. The service runs reliably, seamlessly and cost effectively, and is provided by GLC, an NFON cloud service provider.

““The NFON telephone system runs seamlessly and is also very cost attractive.””