Who is GT85 Polska? What was their telephony challenge?

A major producer of industrial cleaning machines and chemicals

Business Need

The problem of managing telephony at GT85’s two plants had become chaotic with some personnel favouring their mobile devices for communications with customers, and others using landlines instead. With more and more customers coming on board, this issue needed to be addressed by a complete solution that would make staff easier to reach and further enable them with modern conferencing capabilities.


What are the benefits of choosing NFON?

As employees move between GT85’s two plants, they can keep the same phone number and be reachable wherever they are. Collaborating with customers at each stage of a project is also far simpler now that staff can setup and manage conference calls. And costs remain affordable thanks to low calling charges and no on-premise infrastructure to purchase or maintain. Since introducing NFON, GT85 believes its communications effectiveness has doubled.

The quality is very good and, most importantly, NFON offers a professional service.