One simple pricing model.

Unbeatable performance. Unbeatable price.
NFON Business Offering
NFON Mobileinclusive
Conference callsinclusive
Queues and IVR (Interactive Voice Response)inclusive
Site linkinginclusive
Call managementinclusive
Call forwardinginclusive
Call groupsinclusive
Caller ID / Block caller IDinclusive
Time controlled call routinginclusive
Automatic exchangeinclusive
Call center monitoring subject to fee
Nrecording Standardsubject to fee
Voice encryption (SRTP)subject to fee
Operator workstationsubject to fee
Business Plus (6 additional, arbitrary devices)subject to fee
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)subject to fee
Fax / eFaxsubject to fee

Xpress Version

  • 1 device per extension

Business Version

  • 3 devices per extension
  • NFON Mobile
  • Nsoftphone Standard

Business Plus Version

  • 9 devices per extension:
  • NFON Mobile
  • Nsoftphone Standard
  • SRTP
  • Call Centre Monitoring
  • Nrecording Standard

The NFON Cloud Telephone service and access to Emergency Services (999,112) will not be available during
any power cuts and network outages affecting the Customer.