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NFON for Lync: unified communications done the right way


Do you use Microsoft Lync for Business? If so, you’ll be aware of this application’s many benefits on the one hand but you’ll also know there’s still room for improvement when it comes to routine business operations on the other. In our ever-changing work environment particularly, communications solutions have to be reliable and flexible as never before.

For example, it happens with increasing frequency that employees work together on the same project in very different locations around the world. Here it’s vital for success and efficiency that in extreme cases communication between individual team members works smoothly and reliably even across continents. Files have to be exchanged without a problem and video conferences have to be kept up and running.

It’s obvious that this requires a powerful application from the unified communications sector. Plus, in the opinion of many companies, there were still one or two gaps to be filled in Microsoft Lync. It lacked features such as IVR, voice mail or conference calls – and it’s precisely here that NFON for Lync comes into play.

The new star in the UC firmament

Just in time for CeBIT 2015, NFON launched a new, comprehensive unified communications solution – NFON for Lync. This extension combines the advantages of the tried and trusted Microsoft application with the wide-ranging benefits of the NFON cloud phone system.

Powerful application

With the Microsoft Lync UC application, various communications media can be bundled together, such as videoconferencing, IP telephony, instant messaging and others, in a single application. Files can be transmitted easily and contact lists retrieved from the server. Handling is intuitive and self-explanatory. With these and many other features, Microsoft Lync is already a truly powerful application for businesses of any size.

Extended features

The NFON for Lync extension adds various features to the Microsoft Lync UC solution, which enable people to work together even faster and more efficiently. Through the Lync extension, NFON provides the option of connecting the cloud-based phone system directly with Microsoft Lync. This means Lync acquires a whole number of extra features from the NFON phone system, such as calls that can be made directly from the Lync client. Call diversion and call forwarding are also possible. NFON customers can also make failsafe calls via Lync with TÜV-certified voice quality.

An especially convenient and timesaving feature is the ability to include address books from Microsoft Outlook and therefore always have the right phone number for every contact at your fingertips. There’s no need to search for ages, rummaging around for numbers in huge stacks of lists. At the same time it displays whether your contact is available to take calls or not at that moment. Of course, you still have a choice – if you want to work without being disturbed or join an important meeting, you simply switch on call diversion.

The best of both worlds

Individual location profiles for every employee make it possible to work anywhere you like. This means you can be easily reached everywhere, whether you are on the computer, in a conference room or at home. Incidentally, as not every workplace has to be set up with its own Lync account, a lot of licence fees can be saved, depending on the size of your business.

To enable your phone to communicate directly with a Lync client using cloud telephony, with NFON for Lync the Lync interface is integrated natively in the NFON cloud phone system. This turns the Lync client into a fully-fledged end device of the phone system and you can be easily reached via the public telephone network.

Jürgen Städing, EVP Products at NFON AG says, “The combination of NFON and Lync brings together the phone system and UC features, which provides greater quality and effectiveness in communications”. So why not combine the best of both worlds?

Legal issues

As NFON for Lync is provided by a German company, the provisions of the German Data Protection Act and all German legal standards apply to all the data stored under the Lync system. This is a benefit for all those for whom it is important that US authorities, for example, have no legal access to the data.